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Sarasota Closet Design

Closets often get overlooked in interior design, but a well-designed and organized closet can make an enormous difference in your day to day life. KitchenRite, LLC has years of experience in closet organization – and enhancing our clients' quality of life! A professionally designed closet space is a splendid finishing touch for any home because it is the perfect combination of pleasing design and practical utility. We have organized dozens of closets all over Sarasota, and yours should be next!

After a careful assessment of your closet space, we will propose an organization system that will make the most of the space you have. Regardless of whether you have a luxurious walk-in or just a standard closet, it is always possible to be better organized. We will work with you to determine the optimum arrangement of shelving, hooks, hangers, and containers to accommodate your unique space and needs. We can vastly increase the amount of functional space you have access to, while simultaneously organizing and sorting your stored clothing.

But closet design doesn't end at more efficient storage! Your closet should be a calming refuge for you, no matter the size. We will make sure that your closet design is a complement to the rest of your décor, and stands on its own as an example of inspired aesthetics.

So, whether you simply need help organizing your closet or you want your closet to be the finishing touch on a total home redecoration, give KitchenRite, LLC a call. We are Sarasota's closet experts, and we can change your life with a few changes to your closet.